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You be the judge: Woman sues after sperm bank gives wrong race's sperm — racist, or does she have a case?


A lesbian couple went to a sperm bank, requested a blonde-hair, blue-eyed donor but instead got an African American donor. So they are suing the sperm bank (here's some background on the case).

This complicated issue was a major discussion on Cain & Cupp on TheBlaze Radio this weekend, and co-hosts Will Cain and S.E. Cupp went through the variety of issues.

"This company needs to be held accountable for making a mistake," said Cupp. "And it's a significant mistake. I don't care if it's over race."

But on the issue of racism, said Cain: "Those that say it's racist for these two women to say 'It's wrong that we got a black baby when we requested a white baby,' have to answer the question, 'Is it racist in the first place to even request a certain race?'"

What do you think? Listen here (the conversation starts up at approximately the 31 minute-mark):

Also discussed: should we freak out about Ebola, what you should and shouldn't say to pregnant women and security breaches at the White House.

You can listen to all the Cain and Cupp shows on TheBlaze Radi0 here.

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