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A Firefighter's Helmet Camera Captured a Cop's Moment of Pure Heroism


"That's not his job."

Image via WLOS-TV

The flames were roaring higher up the structure and the firefighters were suiting up to go in — and then a cop spotted a man trapped on the building's second floor.

He quickly took action.

Haywood County firefighter Gabe Burch captured the heroic moments on his helmet camera, as WLOS-TV reported, when Waynesville, North Carolina, police officer Zack Raymond sprinted to the fire truck, grabbed a ladder and worked to rescue the trapped man.

Image via WLOS-TV Image via WLOS-TV

Raymond makes it up the ladder, as the dim video shows, and wrenches open the window to free the man.

"[It] makes me very proud of the officers, makes me very proud of the department," Waynesville Police Captain Brian Beck told WLOS. "That's not [Raymond's] job. His job is honestly and truthfully to contain the scene and make sure no one gets into the scene in case it's a crime scene. [Rescuing the man in the fire] is something he took upon himself, a selfless act."

WLOS reported that four families had been displaced by the Sept. 28 blaze, which destroyed two apartments.

(H/T: PoliceOne)

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