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‘Oh My God. Oh Gross': NYC Subway Rider Encounters a Sight So Disgusting He Just Had to Snap a Photo


“I was about to put my hand down when I saw this thing hanging..."

Image source: Ryan Quinn/Twitter

A few stops into Ryan Quinn's trip on the crowded F train to Manhattan Friday morning, he slid his hand down the pole he was holding in order to make room for other passengers to grab as they boarded.

And then he saw it.

Image source: Ryan Quinn/Twitter Image source: Ryan Quinn/Twitter

Quinn told Gothamist he "did a double take, because I realized, 'That's a f***ing condom.' Just hanging there, tied like a balloon. It was eye-level, it was disgusting."

He warned others who seemed oblivious about the object, containing apparently some sort of fluid. Quinn said one passenger "looked up, saw the condom swinging loosely as the train swayed and looked completely horrified, she said ‘Oh my God. Oh gross,'" WPIX-TV reported.

Multiple people came close to “wiping their heads on it accidentally as they tried to sit," he added to WPIX.

With all the hair-raising tales from New York City's subways — rodents of unusual size, anyone? — Quinn acknowledged that the condom-sighting was "definitely the most disgusting thing I’ve seen first-hand...unless smells count," WPIX noted.

The city's Metropolitan Transportation Authority couldn't confirm the incident but a spokesman noted that subway trains are thoroughly cleaned at the end of a run and at the end of the day, WPIX said.

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