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When He Couldn't Pass the Ball, He Ran It. When He Couldn't Run, He Basically Flew.


"...mouth dropping score..."

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When college football quarterback Lemar Johnson sees an opening, he takes it — even if the opening is 5 feet above the ground.

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The Morrisville State senior found himself with limited passing options in a play during his school's game against Kean University in Morrisville, New York, on Saturday, so when he saw an opportunity to run the ball, he did.

A defender confronted Johnson just in front of the goal line, and the quarterback did exactly what many of us wish we could do: He leaped 5 feet in the air...

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...hurdling over the defensive player...

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...and diving safely into the end zone.

Image via YouTube Image source: YouTube

Here's how Morrisville State's athletics website described the play:

Facing a fourth down and four situation on the Kean 22-yard line, Morrisville State opted to take a chance at gaining the first down, and on the play, Johnson scrambled and after a 5+ foot hurdle in the air over the Cougar safety, landed in the end zone for the most thrilling and mouth dropping score of the afternoon.

Watch the amazing play below:

Morrisville State went on to win the game, 37-31.

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