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Which TV character is No. 1 on your Bada** Scale?


Episode four of "Homeland" ended with a...surprise, but the action before it got us thinking: Who would be #1 on your TV character Badass Scale?

On TheBlaze's Homeland Recap Podcast, we explored this question. Spoiler alert: Don't keep reading unless you've seen the fourth episode of season four:

Yes, there was Carrie once again going the distance to keep an asset close, but setting that aside, we also got some great moments of Peter Quinn in Jason Bourne mode. As far as TV badasses go, we agreed that Jack Bauer from "24" was a perfect 10 on the scale. Where would Quinn fall? We went with 8.5.

What do you think, and who is your ultimate TV badass?

Also in the podcast: Where we think this whole Ayaan-Carrie situation is going (as well as his now undead uncle), and a look at what episode titles in the future will mean for the upcoming events.

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