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Late Night Party Lout' Does Something to 'Attack' a Police Helicopter. He Probably Didn't Expect Police to Hunt Him Down as Quickly as They Did.


"...laughing and toasting the laser attack with fellow drinkers."

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Flying through the air above middle of England one night, a police helicopter was confronted with a potentially dangerous obstacle: a partygoer shining a laser pointer at them.

So police went on the offensive.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

Video posted to YouTube by the West Midlands Police shows what happened: The helicopter team used thermal imaging cameras to identify the laser attacker and guide officers on the ground straight to the party.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

"Watch the dramatic moment the National Police Air Service’s helicopter is put in danger when late night party lout shine a laser into the cockpit as the helicopter flies over Kitts Green, Birmingham," the video description read. "As the green light bounced through the cabin, the team used powerful thermal imaging cameras to locate the laser source homing in on a group laughing and toasting the laser attack with fellow drinkers."

According to West Midlands Police, the laser pointing culprit was one Chris Vowles.

The laser incident took place July 31, and police said Vowles received a hefty sentence in court Oct. 16: "seven months suspended for two years and 250 hours of unpaid work. He was also ordered to pay £100 [roughly $160] victim's surcharge and £300 [roughly $480] costs."

Watch the video below:

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