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This Is How Not to Steal a Dangerous Power Tool


His getaway vehicle? A bike.

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No more calls please, we have a winner for this week's "dumbest criminal" award.

On October 28, security cameras at Treasure Coast Lawn Equipment in Port St. Lucie, Florida, captured Anthony Ballard attempting to steal a $600 chainsaw by stuffing the very large power tool down his pants. It all happened within a few feet of a store employee.

The would-be crook was chased out of the store. The New York Daily News has more on what happened next:

Ballard, who’d initially gone into the store and asked the cashier if he had change for a dollar, is then reported to have hopped on a bicycle and furiously pedaled away.

Store staff gave chase and Ballard allegedly tossed the machine into a wooded area, before cycling off even faster.

So how was he caught? TC Palm explains how he helped with his own capture:

About 30 to 40 minutes later, workers at Treasure Coast Lawn Equipment called 911, saying they spotted the accused chainsaw thief looking for the saw in the woods along Southwest Molloy Street.

When police apprehended Ballard, he said he stole the saw and put it in the woods.

“He later had a change of heart so decided to go get the saw and return it to the store,” a report states.

Watch the store security video:


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