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Look Closely at This Bite of Chicken. Do You See the Purported Image That Left This Man Inspired?


"I always kid to my wife she’s such a divine cook..."

Ernesto Hernandez was about to eat a piece of chicken at his home last Thursday when he noticed something curious: a face that appeared to be staring right back at him from the skin of his poultry.

And it wasn't just any face. Hernandez, who said that he's not particularly religious, believes that the image resembled Jesus Christ, according to WNEP-TV.

"I always kid to my wife she’s such a divine cook and I’m about to fork into my chicken and, lo and behold, there’s a picture of what looks like Jesus to me," he told the outlet. "It really kind of took me aback a minute."

Hernandez said that he and his wife laughed about it and admitted that he's not sure that the face is definitively Jesus, but he believes that it's clearly the face of a man.

"It’s so clear, it’s so concise, it looks like Jesus," he told WNEP-TV. "I’m not saying it’s Jesus. it’s definitely a bearded man."

While Hernandez doesn't subscribe to any particular religion, he said that the bite of chicken with the purported image on it has inspired him and he's currently looking for a way to preserve it.


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