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12 Pictures of the Massive 'Snowpocalypse' Snowstorm Hitting New York


Have you seen the "snow fridge"?

Image: Twitter

People who live in the northern states are used to being hit with snowstorms in winter. However, it's not often that a town gets more snow in one day than some cities receive in an entire year.


The relentless snowstorm currently battering the region could eventually total more than seven feet of the fluffy white stuff.

CNN's Jennifer Gray posted this report last night:

The bands of snow were so well formed that they appeared to be a wall.

Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Marquise Goodwin showed no fear of the snow.

A sixteen second time-lapse video shows the wall of snow coming into Buffalo off the lake.

A Canadian radio station tweeted this photo showing a group of Buffalo area firefighters carrying a patient more than a mile in the drifting snow.


There were also reports of "opportunists" taking advantage of trucks that were stuck in the snow:

Trapped by the snow, some folks showed their innovative side. Witness the "snow fridge":


Not every snow picture exposed the beautiful or clever side of the blizzard. This home's front door could not withstand the pressure of the blowing snow:

TheBlaze's Oliver Darcy retweeted this image showing a house that "appears to enjoy the snow."

YouTube user "RealQuickChris" from Buffalo ventured out on Tuesday to show the three feet of snow that had piled up on his property.

And finally, one YouTube user says he captured some really cool drone footage out of Seneca, NY:

Are you trapped by the snow? We invite you to send your pictures and videos.


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