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Majority of Americans Still Don't Think It's Government's Responsibility to Provide Health Insurance


"likely created a significant backlash"

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A majority of Americans – 52 percent – don't think it's the government's responsibility to ensure that all citizens have health insurance, according to poll results released by Gallup on Thursday.

Image source: Gallup Image source: Gallup

It's the third consecutive year in which most Americans have expressed this view. At the beginning of President Barack Obama's term in 2009, a majority of Americans expressed the opposite view – that it was the government's responsibility to ensure all Americans have health insurance.

When Gallup first asked the question in 2000, 59 percent of Americans said that providing health insurance was the responsibility of the government. In 2006, 69 percent of respondents said as much. But in 2008, the country became evenly divided on the issue.

Image source: Gallup Image source: Gallup

"Given that Obama campaigned on a pledge to expand the government's role in ensuring healthcare coverage for Americans, and then pushed for and obtained passage of the landmark A[ffordable] C[are] A[ct] in 2010, these tangible manifestations of a larger government role in healthcare most likely created a significant backlash, particularly among Republicans and independents," Gallup concluded.

Image source: Gallup Image source: Gallup

Results of the Gallup's survey are based on 828 phone interviews with adults (18 and older) living in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The poll was conducted Nov. 6-9.

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