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Guy Arrested After His Daughter Inadvertently Gives Police All the Evidence They Needed


"If we didn’t have that one image, we, we would be sitting here today wondering who did this"

Image source: KTVI-TV

Police in Colorado arrested 43-year-old Steven Paula Friday after his own daughter posted photos on the Internet giving police all the evidence they needed to take Paula into custody.

Image source: KTVI-TV Image source: KTVI-TV

Paula was allegedly involved in a fender bender Nov. 8. The other driver, 18-year-old Mason Deal, claims Paula began throwing punches following the incident. Deal was left with a black eye and a concussion.

But police likely wouldn't know who allegedly attacked Deal had it not been for Paula's daughter who witnessed the entire thing while sitting in the car. The suspect's daughter posted a picture to the social media app Snapchat as it happened. One of the daughter's friends later saw the image, took a screen shot and sent it to one of Deal's friends. Once police had obtained the image they had just enough evidence to charge Paula with misdemeanor assault.

Image source: KTVI-TV Image source: KTVI-TV

Police noted that Paula had a beard at the time of the incident. However, he was clean-shaven by the time he was charged a week later.

“I find it a little bit convenient, especially during 'No Shave November," Deal said.

Deal's father, Mike Deal, said while it was fortunate for them, it was "incredibly thoughtless and stupid" for the daughter to publicize the incident online.

“Social media is a powerful thing. If we didn’t have that one image, we, we would be sitting here today wondering who did this," Mike said.

Police did not charge Paula with a felony because he did not use a weapon and Mason did not suffer any permanent injuries from the alleged attack.


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