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Man Delivers Uncensored Message to Fellow Members of Black Community Amid Ferguson Unrest: ‘I Hate to Break This to You’


"Everything is not somebody else’s fault. Sometimes it’s just you."

In a viral video sure to spark an intense debate about race in America, a man recently issued a blistering message to the black community about the importance of taking some “personal responsi-damn-bility” in 2014.

“Black people, it is 2014. I hate to break this to you — if your life is messed, it ain’t because of slavery,” Fredrick Wilson II said in the video. “Your ass was never a slave, you probably ain’t know nobody that was a slave, you probably don’t know nobody that knew nobody that was a slave. Slavery ended a long time ago. Yes, it put us in a big hole in this county, but guess what? Dig your way out of it.”

Wilson also claimed black people have “won” big victories since the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

“So, in 2014, if your life is messed up, look in the mirror, figure out what you’re doing, what you’re not doing — take some personal responsi-damn-bility for yourselves, for your lives,” he added in the video message. “I understand, you know, sometimes you can’t help the hand you're dealt. … But what you can do is do your best to get out of it.”

Wilson also offered some advice for people who live in bad neighborhoods: “Stop messing it up.” He sarcastically said there is no “rich white man sneaking into the hood in the middle of the night spraying graffiti, peeing in hallways — George Bush ain’t out in the neighborhoods selling crack on the corner.”

He went on to urge people in the black community to start “snitching” on people who commit crimes and mess up neighborhoods.

“Y’all like to pull your little camera phones out and record little ig’nants and put it on Worldstar — pull your camera phones out and record crime, give that to the police so that way people can be prosecuted and we can stop this cycle,” Wilson continued.

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In his next piece of advice for his fellow members of the black community, he urged parents to “teach your kids something” and focus on education.

Wilson eventually addressed the ongoing unrest in Ferguson, seemingly criticizing 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was fatally shot by officer Darren Wilson, for choosing to “run up on” police officers. The first step, he said, is to “stop doing crime.”

“We need to stop being ignorant [and] take some responsibility for ourselves,” he said. “Change our perception, the way people see us in the world. You want cops to stop messing with you? Stop giving them a reason to. If you get pulled over for a DWB — for those who don’t know that’s ‘driving while black’ — don’t be mad at the cop, be mad at the brother who came before you.”

He ended with a final message: “Have some pride in yourself, take some responsibility for your life. Everything is not somebody else’s fault. Sometimes it’s just you. Empire, I’m just saying.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, Wilson's video had been viewed about 861,000 times since being uploaded on August 27.

(H/T: Conservative Tribune)

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