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Look Closely at This Security Footage. See How a Figure Cloaked in Islamic Garb Reacts After Allegedly Murdering an American Teacher.


"I heard one of them threatening the other saying ‘Sit down or I’ll kill you.'"

An alleged assailant dressed in Islamic garb reportedly waited for over an hour inside of a bathroom at the Bourik Mall in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, before stabbing an American woman to death.

The unidentified victim, whose initials are A.B.R. and who is said to be a teacher, was left to die in the restroom following the attack, according to the Daily Mail.

"The injured woman was immediately rushed to Sheikh Khalifa Medical City where she succumbed to the wounds she sustained in the attack," Abu Dhabi police said in a press statement.

Perhaps the most eerie part of the story is the alleged attacker's bizarre behavior, which was recorded on security cameras.

The video shows the individual — donning an "abaya, black gloves and face cover (Niqab)" — grabbing a free newspaper before heading in the direction of the mall bathroom.

Ninety minutes later, the cloaked individual calmly emerges and walks to the elevator, proceeding to exit the building and reportedly leaving behind a large knife that was used in the attack.

Watch the video footage below (caution: disturbing images):

One witness told UAE's The National that she overheard two women arguing inside the bathroom before the stabbing unfolded.

"I heard one of them threatening the other saying ‘Sit down or I’ll kill you,'" said Vithi Cuc, who works at the mall. "I heard one of them try to call out for help. By this time there were three of us outside the toilet and one of us ran to get security. When the female security guard arrived they told us to leave the bathroom. I was so scared and frightened for her."

The murder comes just weeks after U.S. embassies in the region warned of a jihadist threat encouraging radicals to murder educators at American schools, according to NBC News.

"The Embassy/Consulate wishes to notify the U.S. citizen community of a recent anonymous posting on a Jihadist website that encouraged attacks against teachers at American and other international schools in the Middle East," an October 29 statement read. "The Mission is unaware of any specific, credible threat against any American or other school or individual in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)."

The victim is the mother of two 11-year-old twins, who were being looked over by police following her murder; her ex-husband is said to be on his way from abroad to comfort the children.

Authorities are unsure of whether the attacker was a male or female and the motive is currently not known, as police continue to investigate the crime.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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