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Drivers in This Town Got Pulled Over Expecting Tickets. They Got a Big Surprise Instead.


"Wait, so am I getting a ticket?"

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When was the last time you got pulled over and were left with an ear-to-ear grin by what the police officer did?

Drivers in Lowell, Michigan, got quite the surprise when cops conducted a series of traffic stops with a surprising mission: hand out Christmas presents, not tickets.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

In the video, posted to YouTube Tuesday, police officers ask people about their Christmas wish lists and the gifts they'd like to get for their children or other family members.

Then, unbeknownst to the drivers, the officers radio instructions to other officers waiting in a nearby store, who rush to make the purchase and bring the wished-for items out to the drivers.

The drivers respond with a mix of shock, joy and gratitude.

"Wait, so am I getting a ticket?" one person asks incredulously after receiving her gifts.

"I can give you one if you want one," the officer jokes back.

"I've been pulled over by police officers before and they've always been good to me, but never this good," another man comments.

Watch the whole heartwarming video below:

The Lowell Police Department's charitable mission was part of UPTV's "Uplift Someone" campaign.

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