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The Female Sharpshooter Who Nailed Annie Oakley's Card-Splitting Trick Returns and Attempts Even More Difficult Shot


"It's all about challenging yourself and having fun."

Image: YouTube

Sharpshooter Kirsten Joy Weiss is back with a new brand new trick.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

It was two months ago that Weiss popped up on our radar with a video showing her executing the difficult trick of splitting a playing card in half with one shot.

On Wednesday, Weiss's YouTube channel uploaded a new clip showing her attempting and actually completing another card-splitting shot. However, this time she did it backwards, using a mirror to aim the lever-action 22 caliber rifle instead of a 30 caliber weapon, pulling the trigger with her thumb and from a greater distance.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Unlike the initial card-splitting video, Weiss needs more than a couple of shots to get the job done. However, she doesn't let that dampen her spirits.

As Weiss states in the video's information section, "It's all about challenging yourself and having fun. It is the fun, challenge, and joy of shooting after all!" Watch the amazing shot below:


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