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You Only Need to Look at the Reaction of the Other 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestants to Understand How Amazing This Guy's Puzzle-Solve Was


"The wheel definitely worked in my favor."

(Source: YouTube)

One letter.

That's all it took for Matt DeSanto to guess one of the toss-up puzzles on "Wheel of Fortune" on Friday's episode. It was a feat that left both host Pat Sajak and his fellow contestants stunned.

See how you can do. The category was "character," and the initial letter was "E":

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

Stumped? The answer is "The Lone Ranger." Here's how his fellow contestants looked:

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

And here's how it unfolded:

DeSanto's guess wasn't a fluke either: He ended up breaking the show's record by raking in $91,892 and winning every puzzle except for the bonus round.

"The wheel definitely worked in my favor," the Pennsylvanian told "I was extremely fortunate."

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