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Truly Terrifying': Beck Introduces Viewers to the Man He Believes Is the 'Architect' of Russia's Geopolitical Strategy


"This is one of the most dangerous human beings on the planet today."

Glenn Beck speaks about Alexander Dugin on his television program Jan. 13, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Tuesday introduced his audience to Alexander Dugin, the man he believes is the "architect" of Russia's increasingly aggressive geopolitical strategy.

"His influential voice is the foundation of Russia's policies and actions," Beck said on day two of a three-part series on Russia. "His views are beyond radical, beyond understanding some of them, beyond dangerous and openly fascistic. ... You may have wondered, why is Russia suddenly overtly anti-gay? What's happening? ... Why is Russia, the former communist state, standing with the neo-Nazis in Greece and in Germany and in France?"

Beck said the "fundamental transformation of Russia is on, from a relatively non-ideological, corrupt, soft authoritarian nation into a regressive, ideological outright dictatorship."

"His ideas are truly terrifying, because they are now in play -- not just for the people of Russia, but for all of civilization," Beck remarked. "The world is in real danger."

Beck played the short video below to introduce viewers to Dugin, a professor and adviser to the Kremlin:

Beck said Dugin's worldview is similar to that of "twelver" Islamists, with an emphasis on chaos and death.

"The meaning of Russia is that through the Russian people will be realized the last thought of God, the thought of the End of the World," Dugin wrote. "Death is the way to immortality. Love will begin when the world ends. We must long for it, like true Christians. ... We are uprooting the accursed Tree of Knowledge. With it will perish the Universe."

Beck said Dugin's symbol, the eight-pointed star, is a pagan symbol for chaos.

"This is one of the most dangerous human beings on the planet today," Beck remarked. "His philosophical doctrine uses a combination of geopolitics, political theory and philosophy to incite Russian nationalism. Plainly stated, it's Russian national fascism."

Beck said Dugin believes "Russia is the supreme society, and America is standing in the way," and that "chaos is divine."

While Putin is attempting to appeal to the Russian orthodoxy, some have been perplexed by Russia's support of the Iranian regime or far-right European nationalist groups. Beck said Dugin's influence ties it all together.

"What do they all have in common? What are they all looking to do? They're all looking for chaos," Beck said. "The problem Putin faces now is he has awakened extremists and he has made them promises. ... How far will they go if they feel they've been betrayed?"

Beck brought in National Review Online contributor Robert Zubrin, who has been following Dugin's work. Zubrin agreed with Beck's analysis, but added: "Russia used to have this big fifth column internationally, the communist movement. It doesn't have it anymore. Dugin is trying to re-synthesize that around a new ideology that would serve in the present day. So he's created what he calls the 'fourth political theory,' and it's a synthesis of communism, Nazism, environmentalism and traditionalism -- all anti-liberal ideologies."

Zubrin said he was using the word "liberal" in the European sense, and that Dugin would see "basically anyone in the U.S. Congress today" as a liberal because "we believe in human rights in one sense or another, which he explicitly does not."

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