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Obama Has a Suggestion for the NFL on Solving the Flap Over Deflated Footballs


"If you break the rules than you break the rules."

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — President Barack Obama is weighing into the controversy over deflated footballs and said the NFL should be considering how officials can control game balls.

Until the New England Patriots used deflated footballs in the AFC championship game, Obama said he didn't realize each team prepares its own footballs and brings them to the game.

Obama said he assumes the league will figure out how officials will be in charge of the footballs from start to finish.

Obama made the remarks Sunday in an interview during NBC's Super Bowl pregame show.

Obama said the Patriots would have won the game with the Indianapolis Colts regardless of the footballs' air pressure.

Asked if it was cheating, the president said: "If you break the rules than you break the rules."

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