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The Internet's Best Responses to the Inaccurate Brian Williams Iraq War Story

Image: Twitter

It did not take long for NBC's Brian Williams to become the whipping boy of the world wide web.

Within minutes of Wednesday night's apology, the Internet exploded with anger, mockery and ultimately some fairly clever comedy.

Of course, you have probably seen author Brad Thor's stinging tweets, rebuking the NBC anchor. Thor was not alone. Soon, attacks on the managing editor and face of NBC News started coming in from all over.

The beating started with a Drudge Report headline.

Images of Williams then started to appear in all sorts of famous scenes from history.

From the moon landing to the Last Supper, Williams and the hash tag "BrianWilliamsMemories" was officially "trending" on social media.

He even ended up in the front seat of the white Ford Bronco with O.J. Simpson

One of the first efforts to hit the web saw Williams on the mall in Washington, D.C. with Dr. King.

Finally, this Twitter user found a way to put Williams on Iwo Jima without using his image.

It should be noted that the pilot of the helicopter Williams was traveling on in 2003 while in Iraq in 2003 said on CNN Thursday that the aircraft was not hit by an RPG, but it did indeed take enemy fire.


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