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School Girls 'Totally Freaked Out' After What They Saw in a Picture Taken During Palace Visit


"People say the room goes cold when ghosts appear..."

A couple of school-age girls touring a 500-year-old Tudor palace in London claim to have snapped a photo that might have captured the image of a ghost known locally as "the grey lady."

"I was totally freaked out," 12-year-old Brook McGee told the British tabloid newspaper the Sun, as reported by the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "I didn’t see anything. People say the room goes cold when ghosts appear, but we had no idea."


The photo, which the girls looked at a day later, was allegedly taken when they were visiting Hampton Court Palace.

According to Historic Royal Palaces, there have been reported sightings of Dame Sybil Penn since the 1800s, starting around the time when Hampton Court was rebuilt and her tomb was moved. Penn was a servant in the Tudor household who nursed Prince Edward and Elizabeth I before she died of smallpox in 1562, the organization that seeks to preserve the history of Britain's royal structures stated on its website.

Reported sightings of the "grey lady" have occurred in state apartments and in the Clock Court, according to Historic Royal Palaces. What's more, the organization noted that strange sounds of a spinning wheel were said to have happened shortly after her tomb was moved. A search at the time found a hidden room that had a spinning wheel in it.

Is the girls' picture purporting to show the "grey lady" genuine? With modern photo-editing programs, there's always the potential that the image was doctored, but judge for yourself.

Front page image by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0.

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