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What freedom is': Victim of Russian communism, Olympic gold medalist, fled to America more than 50-years ago. He's never looked back


When Dániel Magay left Hungary to compete in the 1956 Olympics, the Hungarian revolution had just defeated the Kremlin-backed communist government. By the time he and his teammates won the gold in fencing, the Soviets had re-captured Hungary with tanks and troops and Dániel was faced with the most difficult decision of his life.

He chose to flee to America. He has never looked back.

"Every time I think of it I am extremely grateful to be in this country," he said. "When I was free, then I knew how I felt."

"It’s like you’re in a cage," Magay continued. "That’s how you feel. And when they let you out of the cage. Then you know what that is. What freedom is."

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The video was produced by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.

Soviet communism took the lives of tens of millions of innocent people and lasted from 1917 to 1990.

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