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Glenn Beck Opens Up About His Own Divorce and the Effects It Has on Children


"My children are scarred from it, period."

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Glenn Beck on Thursday opened up about his divorce and the effect it has had on his children after reading a letter by Heather Barwick, a woman raised by two lesbian mothers who said that, while she loves and appreciates all her mothers did for her, her biological father’s absence "created a huge hole" in her.

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Beck said he believes children need both a man and a woman, and while the children of divorced families are allowed to speak about the pain of potentially losing a parental figure, the children of same-sex couples are called hateful if they speak about a void.

"You may choose and say, 'I don't need a man' or 'I don't need a woman, I have him.' But that's not the choice your children are making," Beck said. "That's a sexual choice, that's not a parental choice. Your children have the need for the biological other partner."

Beck said that like divorce, it may be the right choice for the parents, but it impacts the children in a different way.

"By me getting a divorce ... I created a gigantic hole," Beck said. "My children are scarred from it, period. They're scarred from it. I was scarred from the divorce in my family, period."

"Was it the right thing to do? Am I happier now? Are things better because of it? Maybe," Beck said. "But not necessarily for my children. My older children were scarred by it. Whose fault is that? ... It's mine and their mother's. That's whose fault it is."

Beck said that all parents can do is continue to love their children, and recognize the pain they have caused. He said he tries to do this everyday, in stark contrast to how he was treated as a child.

"My stepmother would not allow me to talk about my mother at all," he said. "None of us could talk about it. So my mom dies, I move in with my stepmother, and we're no longer allowed to address my dead mother, who had just died. So there was, like, no grieving. There was nothing. And it was just like this big elephant in the room."

Beck said the issue has less to do with whether the couple is gay or straight, and more to do with being able to accept what your actions have done to your children.

"It has to do with us just being confident enough in ourselves and our own abilities to be able to see the pain and the hole in our children that all of us, gay or straight, cause," he concluded.

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