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Filmmaker Converted From Atheism to Christianity. And He Says His Next Movie Project Includes God in Almost Every Scene.


"I have a lot of respect for Ridley (Scott) and Darren (Aronosfky), but they're both avowed atheists."

As the Bible continues to serve as a major source for Hollywood film and TV projects, there's yet another motion picture set to release nationwide on Friday that will bring a popular Old Testament story to light.

"David and Goliath" will open in 25 cities across the U.S., presenting audiences with a lens into the epic battle between a young man and a champion warrior that is found in 1 Samuel.

Director Tim Chey, a former atheist who converted to Christianity after reading a Gideon's Bible in a hotel room, believes that faithful audiences will truly enjoy "David and Goliath" for its devotion to the biblical text, as this is a dynamic that he believes has been missing from some Hollywood projects of late.

Chey specifically differentiated "David and Goliath" from films like "Noah" and "Exodus," which both attracted criticism for their treatment of biblical themes and story lines.

"I have a lot of respect for Ridley (Scott) and Darren (Aronosfky), but they're both avowed atheists. So you wonder what attracted them to do Bible movies in the first place," Chey told Charisma News, noting that his film is different. "God is in almost every scene."

Chey said that Hollywood studios passed up "David and Goliath" when executives were presented with a chance to watch the movie, as they were "put off" by the fact that "the film was about God, front and center."

The character of David is played by actor Miles Sloman, with Jerry Sokolosky —  who is 7 feet 8 inches tall in real life and has been dubbed the tallest man in Canada — playing Goliath, the Philistine giant.

As TheBlaze previously reported, finding an actor to play the role was no easy task, as Chey said his team didn’t want to rely on CGI imitation and graphics tricks to create a believable Goliath.

Instead, they wanted to find a person who could embody the biblical figure by getting as close as possible to his actual size.

“Jerry was a tremendous blessing,” the director said. “We didn’t want to create a CGI imitation like ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and so our casting directors set out to find the biggest guy and he’s very big.”

Chey continued: “Goliath stood at nine feet. So Jerry was about a foot and four inches shorter than the real thing. He adds an incredible, realistic dimension.”

Watch Chey discuss the film in detail below:

Sokolosky, a former NBA hopeful and wrestler, entered the acting world after his sports career ended. Read more about his selection to play Goliath here and learn more about the film here.

(H/T: Charisma News)

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