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Find Out Where Your State Ranks in Terms of Services Received for Taxes Paid

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Residents of Alaska get the best return for what they pay in taxes, in terms of state services received per money shelled out, while the worst return on investment is in Arkansas.

That’s according to a pre-tax day assessment by WalletHub, a consumer website that measures both governments and business in metrics of customer service. April 15 is the final day for filing income taxes.

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There were 22 measurements under six categories: the economy, pollution, education, infrastructure, health and public safety. Interestingly study found little difference between red and blue states.

The top 10 states:

1. Alaska

2. Wyoming

3. Montana

4. Delaware

5. Idaho

6. Colorado

7. Utah

8. New Hampshire

9. South Dakota

10. Nevada

Bottom 10 states:

41. Illinois

42. Rhode Island

43. New Mexico

44. Kentucky

45. West Virginia

46. Michigan

47. Louisiana-Mississippi (Tie)

49. Alabama

50. Arkansas

Click here for a full map of rankings.

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