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MLB Manager Erupts on Reporter in Furious Tirade Containing 77 F-Bombs in Under Six Minutes


Price delivered, on average, one F-bomb every four seconds.

Image source: YouTube

Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price has apologized after dropping a whopping 77 F-bombs in under six minutes during a pre-game interview that's taken social media by storm.

Price's steady stream of swearing came after the Cincinnati Enquirer's C. Trent Rosecrans pressed the manager on why Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco was not in the lineup or on the bench for a few days. (CBS Sports reported Mesoraco's absence was due to both an injury and a family issue.)

Price insisted the media doesn't need to know everything about his players and insisted that by sharing information about which players may or may not be playing in the next game, it gives the Reds' opponents an advantage.

In the five-minute, 34-second exchange, Price delivered an average of one F-bomb every four seconds. (You can read the entire transcript with the F-words obscured by asterisks here).

"I'm sick of this s**t, I'm sick of listening to this f***ing s**t, I'm sick of the f***ing second-guessing, you guys can do whatever the f*** you want, but I'll tell you this, I'm not going to f***ing tell you everything about this f***ing club, because you f***ing guys are going to sniff it out anyway," Price excoriated the media at one point.

Listen to Price's entire tirade with the offensive words bleeped out:

Of course, profanity-laced rants from baseball managers are nothing new. In 1982, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda unleashed a string of off-color and unprintable profane comments about San Diego's Kurt Bevacqua, and in 1983, Chicago Cubs manager Lee Elia dropped more than 30 F-bombs as he shared his frustrations about the team's 4-15 start to the season. (Note: Elia's rant is not bleeped)

(H/T: CBS Sports)

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