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Sharpshooter Star Attempts Shot 'No One in History Has Ever Done



Image source: YouTube

Sharpshooter star Kirsten Joy Weiss is out with a new video, this time attempting something she said has never been done before.

According to Weiss, "No one in history has ever done a blindfolded performance shot with a rifle, and especially at this distance."

Sure enough, Weiss covered her eyes with a blindfold before picking up her rifle, loading it and lining up a shot.

Image source: YouTube

Without the ability to see the target, Weiss stressed how important a shooter's balance and set-up must be — for example, consider how much harder it is to stand on one foot with your eyes closed.

"At this distance and target size, I have less than a half-inch for error in my position."

She missed on her first try, but reloaded and fired again. How many tries did it take? Watch and see:

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