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Dashcam captures woman's hilariously horrible parking job


"Would have offered to park it for her, but I was too busy laughing."

Image source: YouTube

Three minutes and 14 seconds: That's how long it took someone to pull into a parking spot at a crowded shopping center. How long should it have taken? Probably about three seconds.

Image source: YouTube

Let's dissect what went wrong here:

1) She tried to back into a spot. People, unless you're amazing at driving in reverse (clearly this person was not), just swing into the spot front-first.

2) She then kept at it, instead of just admitting defeat after the first or second go of it. This was especially poor form since she was holding up an audience (a.k.a. the person recording the whole thing on their dashcam). I'll be the first to admit that if I don't get into a spot while parallel parking by the second try, I'll give up and keep driving until I find a spot I can easily fit into.

3) Even when the driver decided to just pull into the spot like every other normal person, she hit the curb.

4) She also parked in a spot designated for mothers with young children, as noted by the carriage symbol painted on the pavement. This wouldn't be a problem if she in fact had young children with her and, actually, it could explain why it took so long to just get into the spot (distraction, etc.). Perhaps another explanation: maybe she was a mother of young children who also had a teenager driving, and was trying to get said teenager to practice backing into spots?

Watch the scene:

The person who recorded the footage and posted it to YouTube wrote that he "would have offered to park it for her, but I was too busy laughing."

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