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Watch Shooting Legend Empty a Pair of Double-Barreled Pistols in Under Two Seconds


"That's a lot of fun right there, guys."

Image source: YouTube

Shooting legend Jerry Miculek is back with a fun video featuring him emptying a pair of double-barreled .45 ACP 1911 pistols — 20 rounds in under 1.5 seconds, according to the clip description.

Image source: YouTube

"We're gonna make a lot of noise in a short period of time, waste a lot of ammo, have a good time," he said just before loading up.

Image source: YouTube

"Here we go," Miculek warned. "Ten bucks worth of ammo, as fast as we can make it happen."

Image source: YouTube

But don't go away 'til you watch the slow-motion replays.

"That's a lot of fun right there, guys," Miculek said.

Check it out:

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