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Islamic State's Latest Execution Video May Be Its Most Horrifying Yet


"If you thought #IS could get no more sadistic you were wrong."

Islamic State video (Image source: Twitter/rConflictNews)

They’ve executed captives by burning them alive, hanging them from crosses, and beheading them.

Now, the Islamic State group’s depravity has reached a new depth as seen in images purporting to show the terrorist group’s prisoners being drowned to death in a cage, having their heads blown off with an explosive cord tied around their necks, and being positioned in a car that is then fired on by a rocket propelled grenade.

The SITE Intelligence Group, a research organization that tracks jihadist activity, said Tuesday that a new video of the barbaric executions was released by the Ninewa division of the Islamic State group in Iraq. The militants accused the men of spying.

More than a dozen men were seen in the video being executed using these to-now unseen methods.

Notice the camera that was mounted to the inside of the cage:

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, sections of the video were shot with an underwater camera designed to show the final moments of terror the men in the cage endured as they were lowered into the swimming pool:

Once completely submerged, the video cuts to the high-tech underwater cameras, which show the men thrashing around until they appear to lose consciousness and fall to the floor.

The cage is then removed from the pool, with the dying men seen foaming at the mouths as they lie piled on top of one another under the blazing sun.

The seven-minute video was reportedly shot in Mosul in Iraq.

Another murder scene shows seven captives in red jumpsuits being forced to kneel on the ground, when a masked jihadist ties an explosive cable around their necks. The prisoners are all connected by the same blue cable.

The cable is then detonated, revealing a new, sick execution method that rivals the Islamic State group’s traditional beheading with a knife.

In another scene, an Islamic State militant shoots an RPG at a car where a group of accused spies sits, awaiting their punishment. The vehicle explodes into flames.

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