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Palestinian Ambassador Recites Old Outrageous Claims About Jews


"The truth is that..."

Image source: Vimeo/ISGAP

The Palestinian ambassador to Chile recited the old claim that the real goal of the Zionist movement a century ago was not to form a Jewish state, but to achieve world domination, citing the Russian forgery “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” to back up his argument.

Yet even as he made the case that the Jews want to dominate the world, Palestinian Ambassador Imad Nabil Jadaa also alleged that there is really no such thing as the Jewish people.

Jadaa delivered his remarks to the Conference for Peace in Palestine and Israel in May, but translated excerpts of the event were just posted online by the New York-based Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy.

“Until 1896 when a group of academic intellectuals, financial advisers, majority being non-Jewish Europeans, decided to create the Zionist movement with one pretext/excuse; the creation of a homeland for the Jewish people,” he said. “Although the truth is that this [the goal] is to protect their plans of dominating life in the entire planet.”

Jadaa went on to cite the infamous forgery, which he said explained how Jews planned to manipulate “all the apparatus of the financial, economic and industrial of the entire world.”

Addressing claims that Palestinians hate the Jewish people, the ambassador said, “As Palestinians, first, we don’t have hatred.”

He continued that that’s because there is no Jewish people to hate: “We don’t recognize the existence of the Jewish people — there is no Jewish people.”

He cited the book “The Invention of the Jewish People” by Israeli professor Shlomo Sand, a prominent critic of Israeli society.

“A Jew with Israeli passport announces that, the so-called Jewish nation is a made up invention, because a religion cannot be a people,” the Palestinian ambassador said.

The Jerusalem Post explained that Sand “believes that contemporary Jews are descended from the Khazar people from the Caucasus and are not connected to the Biblical Israelites. His ideas are widely opposed both in academia and among Jews.”

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