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I Feel Like I Should Know That': D.C. Locals Struggle to Answer Simple Question About U.S. Currency


"I'm obviously like an idiot."

Image source: YouTube

A D.C.-area reporter recently went out on the National Mall to see how many people could successfully identify the individuals printed on American currency — and the results he got weren't too promising.

Dan Joseph, with the Media Research Center, held up large prints of commonly used bills and asked those passing by — many of them students — if they could name the people printed on them.

"I'm going to show you some pictures and I want you to tell me if you know who these people are," he said.

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Image source: YouTube

"I don't know!" one person replied after guessing "George Adams" was printed on the $10 bill.

"I'm obviously like an idiot," another answered after being unable to name the person featured on a bill.

"I feel like I should know that," said yet another.

However, not everyone performed so poorly on the quiz. In a twist, a couple from Ireland was successfully able to pass the test.

"So the foreigners got it," Joseph said. "The Americans don't know. But the foreigners know! That is really, really promising. I am so happy about that."

The video comes as the U.S. Treasury decides which woman it will feature on the $10 bill.

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