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Comedian Leads Expletive-Laden Chant Against Donald Trump: 'This Country Is Better With Latinos in It!


"This country is better with Latinos in it."

Comedian George Lopez isn't too happy with businessman and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump — a fact that became patently clear when the entertainer led an audience this weekend in an expletive-laden chant against the political contender.

"This country is better with Latinos in it," Lopez said to rousing cheers during a performance in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday night.

Then, he proceeded to yell, "Donald Trump!" to which the audience repeatedly responded, "F**k that puto!"

Watch this unfold below (caution: strong language):

The term "puto" is most certainly controversial, with Holly R. Cashman, associate professor of Spanish linguistics at the University of New Hampshire, discouraging its use back in 2014.

According to Cashman, the word has four denotative meanings, including: "man who has copulation with a person of his sex," with Urban Dictionary claiming that it is the term for male prostitute, or that it can be used to call someone a traitor or a coward.

Lopez has been a rumored replacement for Trump on NBC's "The Apprentice," after the network cut ties with Trump, Mediaite reported.

Watch an extended clip below:

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