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Teens Film Rap Video With Drugs and Guns. But Once the Feds Saw Where It All Happened, They Dropped the Hammer.


"My grandkids walk and play out here."

Image source: YouTube

Several families have been evicted from a federally subsidized apartment complex in Florida after a group of young people released a music video featuring drugs and high-powered weapons.

According to WFTV, the rap video featured teenagers and young adults who are a part of the group called YJB. In their music videos, which can be found on YouTube, the young men are seen smoking and waving guns — some of which police say were stolen from a nearby gun show. At least one video was shot at the Windsor Cove apartment complex.

Image source: YouTube

Because the Windsor Cove apartment complex is subsidized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, residents are not allowed to have guns on the premises.

"Yeah, I know all of them. That's Windsor Cove," Katherine Sims, a resident of the apartment complex, told WFTV after viewing one music video. "It does concern me because my grandkids walk and play out here."

Sims said the young men with guns should go to jail because of all of the younger kids in the area.

Image source: YouTube

WFTV reported that managers of the apartment complex have already evicted several families after identifying some of the young people in the music videos.

Windsor Cove managers are working with police to find out if any of residents were involved in the gun heist earlier this month, when police say several shirtless men stole dozens of high-powered guns from the Central Florida Fairgrounds.

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