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Texas Couple Claims a DNA Test Has Revealed the Unthinkable About Their Baby: 'It Is So Frightening


"We haven't been able to sleep..."

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UPDATE: The family has been reunited with their missing son. An update on the story is here.


A Texas couple who recently welcomed a baby into the world are claiming the unthinkable: that a hospital intentionally sent them home with the wrong child — and that their biological son was possibly sold to human traffickers.

The saga began when Mercedes Casanellas had a baby boy this past May in her home country of El Salvador, and her husband, Richard Cushworth, said that something didn't seem quite right following the birth, the Daily Mail reported.

Casanellas and Cushworth initially questioned the baby's dark complexion, but they took him home to Dallas despite some reservations. In the end, though, Casanellas said that her "motherly instincts" told her that the baby wasn't hers.

After the couple finally had the courage to take a DNA test three months later, it reportedly revealed that the baby son they brought home had a 0 percent chance of being theirs, biologically speaking, leaving the husband and wife fearful that their baby was trafficked.

And now, they're speaking out.

"We haven't been able to sleep thinking about where he is, and who has him," Casanellas said. "We just want them to give us our son back."

Cushworth added, "I sometimes try not to think about this because it is so frightening."

The doctor who oversaw the birth has since been arrested, with the attorney general of El Salvador ordering an investigation into the situation, as some claim that a trafficking gang was working with a doctor at the hospital, according to the Daily Mail.

"I just want him to give me my baby back. I want to know that my child hasn't been trafficked or any other crime committed against him," she said. "I need my baby, I'm just asking for my baby."

If the parents of the other baby boy they brought home are not located, the couple said that they will raise him as their own, as they plead for the return of their biological child as well.

(H/T: Daily Mail)


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