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Man Was Taking Some ‘Selfie’ Video While Driving Jeep, Then…'Oh, Crap\


"This is a PSA!"

Image source: YouTube

Alex Lopatnyuk of Florida was out for a gator hunt.

To document his adventure, he thought he'd start by taking his first "GoPro selfie." With his camera attached to a selfie-stick, Lopatnyuk filmed himself driving his mud-splattered, maroon Jeep as he followed a truck toting a canoe.

Image source: YouTube

Turning his eyes from the road and toward his camera for only a second, Lopatnyuk missed the moment when the truck ahead of him braked.

"FAIL," Lopatnyuk wrote in a description of the video, showing the green canoe smash through his Jeep's windshield.

Image source: YouTube

After the incident, it sounds like he said "oh crap."

Watch the video, which includes images of the damage as well:

"[T]his is why you shouldn't Text and Drive or try to take a selfie and drive, this is a PSA!" Lopatnyuk wrote on his Facebook page.

Lopatnyuk did not immediately respond to TheBlaze's request for comment.

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