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They Were Told They Likely Wouldn't Get Pregnant. Then, They Claim a Miracle Unfolded That Defied 'All Medical Odds'.


"Your life has changed once you’ve met him."

Pope Francis smiles as he leaves at the end of a mass concluding the 6th Asian Youth Day in Haemi, South Korea, Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia) AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia

A married couple who were reportedly told that they only had a 1 or 2 percent chance of conceiving a baby believe that they experienced a miracle that defied "all medical odds" after receiving a blessing from Pope Francis in Rome last year.

Liz and Ryan Tremblay, who received a marriage blessing from the pontiff, said that their encounter with Pope Francis forever changed their lives, calling it "the most incredible moment," according to WPRI-TV.

"I just felt so full of joy when we were in his presence," Liz Tremblay told the outlet.

But it wasn't just a feel-good moment, as the couple claim that they subsequently found out that they were pregnant — and expecting triplets. They welcomed Andrew, Elliot and Nicholas into the world on August 20.

Watch them explain the purported miracle below:

Ryan Tremblay said that he and Liz knew that the marital blessing was special and were expecting "something almost magical to happen" when they met the pope, but were surprised to learn that they were expecting just a few weeks after the encounter, WPRI-TV reported.

The couple were so inspired by Pope Francis' blessing and the miracle that they believe unfolded that the Tremblays decided to give Elliot "Francis" as his middle name in honor of the pontiff.

The two are ecstatic that Pope Francis is coming to New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C., next week in his first trip to America, proclaiming that they believe he'll make a lasting change on the lives of those he encounters — and on the nation as a whole.

"Your life has changed once you’ve met him," Liz Tremblay said.


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