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'Why Can’t You Answer?': Megyn Kelly Clashes With Pro-Trump Guest As She Grills Him Over Muslim Question


"You seem to be dodging. Are you uncomfortable on this issue?"

Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Friday clashed with a guest who defended the way Donald Trump handled an anti-muslim town hall questioner.

Andy Dean, who worked with the real estate tycoon in the past, disagreed with Kelly that Trump mishandled the situation by not forcefully correcting the man who said at a campaign event Thursday that muslims are a "problem" and accused the president of secretly identifying with the religion.

"I think more than anything there is just confusion on our end as to why one tiny question is some sort of big media controversy right now," Dean said.

Kelly replied that it had to do with the man saying all muslims are a "problem," instead of focusing on radical elements within Islam. She added that President Barack Obama is a citizen and the man falsely claimed otherwise.

Dean said that Trump was the only one who pushed for Obama to release his birth certificate and, thus, prove he is a citizen of the country.

[sharequote align="right"]"You seem to be dodging. Are you uncomfortable on this issue? Why can't you answer?"[/sharequote]

"So then he is in the best position to turn around to that man and say, 'We know he is a citizen sir,'" Kelly countered.

Dean asked the Fox News host why Obama never condemned Reverend Jeremiah Wright for his inflammatory statements against the U.S.

"That's a deflection. That's a deflection," Kelly said.

"No, it isn't," Dean quipped back.

"Barack Obama isn't running for office, Donald Trump is," Kelly said, contending that "ship has sailed."

"It's a parallel argument," Dean insisted.

Kelly did not agree.

"Well, that's a deflection. That's a deflection. That's a deflection," she said. "You seem to be dodging. Are you uncomfortable on this issue? Why can't you answer?"

"Why didn't Donald Trump look at him and say, 'He is not a muslim. He is an American citizen. I am the man who made him produce his birth certificate.'"

Dean said that Trump often doesn't give responses that the media likes to which Kelly said was a "reasonable answer."

"We got to it eventually," Kelly said.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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