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A Duck Dynasty Star's Surprising Answer When Asked To Respond To Those Who Call For More Gun Control


Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty gave a surprising answer this week, when he was asked by TheBlaze's Billy Hallowell to respond to people who who demand greater government control over guns.

"I don't blame them for responding the way they do because look, everybody believes this is horrible," Robertson told TheBlaze. "[T]his is horrific. You respond emotionally because its unbelievable. How does this happen? What can you do?"

"I don't hold it against people who are trying these things than I disagree with," he said. "Because we are all trying to stop violence. We want people to love each-other and value human life."

But Robertson, for his part, clarified that he believes that more guns in the hands of good people equals great safety.

"In my opinion I think, the more people that are armed with good intentions, the better off you are," he said. "It just seems its giving power to people with evil intentions if they can go to a gun free area and they are the only ones with a gun."

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