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Mike Rowe Reveals the Seismic Moment in His Career When the 'Universe Nearly Collapsed and Fell In On Itself


It involves Glenn Beck and Bill Maher.

In a sit-down interview with TheBlaze last month, Television personality Mike Rowe revealed the reaction he received from his fans a couple years ago when he interviewed with both Glenn Beck and Bill Maher in the same week.

"There was a week a couple years ago when the universe nearly collapsed and fell in on itself," Rowe told TheBlaze in an interview at CNN in New York City. "It was the week I went on Glenn Beck's show and Bill Maher's show in the same week."

"All my buddies on the right were ready to lynch me as I sat next to Bill Maher on real time," he continued. "All my buddies on the left were ready to shoot me because I sat down with Glenn Beck. These two things couldn't seem to live in the same soace."

Watch the Interview:

Rowe also went on in the interview to share his view of Beck.

"I also appreciate Glenn because very few people will spend an hour interviewing someone like me... and listen, more than they talk, and not be scared of this [pause] silence, or relative silence," he said.

Mike Rowe’s latest show Somebody’s Gotta Do It” profiles people who perform unique jobs and airs on CNN Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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