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A Christian History Teacher Battles to Keep Her Job and Defend Her Faith. Here's What You Can Expect From 'God's Not Dead 2


"[The teacher's] reasoned response lands her in big trouble."

Just a year and a half after Pure Flix Entertainment's Christian film "God's Not Dead" took the box office by storm, bringing in nearly $61 million, the official trailer has been released for the film's highly anticipated follow-up.

"God's Not Dead 2," starring Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalfe and the late Fred Thompson, among many others, focuses on the plight of a public school history teacher named Grace Wesley (played by Hart) who finds herself in the crosshairs after discussing Jesus in the classroom.

"When Brooke, a hurting student grieving the loss of her brother, reaches out to Grace, their coffee-shop conversation leads to Grace sharing the hope she finds in Christ," reads an official synopsis. "However, when Brooke asks an honest question about Jesus in the classroom, Grace’s reasoned response lands her in big trouble — almost before she finishes giving her answer."

What follows is an epic court battle, with Wesley standing to lose her teaching position.

Watch the trailer for "God's Not Dead 2" below:

As TheBlaze previously reported, actor, producer and Pure Flix Entertainment founder David A.R. White revealed in an interview with The Church Boys podcast this past summer exactly what fans can expect from “God’s Not Dead 2."

“Following up ‘God’s Not Dead’ wasn’t that easy to do,” White said. “[We wanted to] serve our audience with what they enjoyed from the first movie, but at the same token take it a step further and make it something different.”

While the first “God’s Not Dead” focused on atheist Professor Radisson, who was played by Kevin Sorbo, and his threat to fail a Christian student named Josh Wheaton after the pupil refused to disavow the existence of God, the new plot will have a bit of a different twist.

“This movie really centers around this female, [Christian] teacher in a high school, and she’s trying to just answer a question,” White said. “One of her students asks a question about Gandhi and then Martin Luther King and then Jesus … and so she … ends up answering this question as authentically as possible without bringing her beliefs into it, but the questions keep coming.”

After parents get wind of the in-class discussion, they take legal action, leading to a courtroom discourse in which she defends herself.

Listen to White discuss "God's Not Dead 2" below:

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