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Anderson Cooper Calls Out Donald Trump for Claiming CNN Lobbed 'Softballs' at Hillary Clinton


Trump's latest jab.

CNN's "AC360" host Anderson Cooper called out Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump Tuesday evening after the GOP candidate claimed in a press conference that Cooper lobbed "softballs" during the first Democratic presidential debate, which aired Oct. 13 on CNN.

"Hillary Clinton was given all softballs," Trump said of Cooper's debate questioning. "I mean, she wasn't asked one tough question."

Trump's latest jab at the moderator is a shift from the tweet he sent out day after the CNN debate, where he praised Cooper for being "tough" but "fair."

"Not one tough question, he said," Cooper repeated. "Now, keeping him honest, he's actually right. We didn't ask Hillary Clinton one tough question. We actually asked her a lot more than that."

Cooper went on to say he "finds it interesting" Trump would change his mind so rapidly.

"You were throwing heat," former Obama administration official Van Jones said. "You were throwing hardballs — you attacked Sanders for being a socialist."

Watch Cooper's comments and rapid fire reel of questions to Clinton:

(H/T: Business Insider)

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