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A Little Girl With Cancer Approached Christian Singer With a Request. The Impact Was Far Bigger Than He Could Have Ever Imagined.


"She touched the audience and touched my heart."

Christian singer Jason Crabb's new album titled, "Whatever the Road" includes a track that's doing far more than simply entertaining fans.

Crabb, who recently appeared on The Church Boys podcast, discussed the heartbreaking story behind the song "He Knows What He's Doing" — a tune on the album comprised of lyrics that focus on trusting God in the midst of life's troubles.

"It was inspired from a young lady by the name of Lilly," Crabb said. "She was 6 years old."

The singer recalled how his sister called him one day and said that a little girl named Lilly's mother had reached out to her to ask if her child, who was dying of cancer, would be able to sing on stage one day with Crabb — a dream that the singer was more than willing to make a reality.

"She got up there and sang with me a song called 'Love Is Stronger' ... and she touched the audience and touched my heart," he explained. "You could see how that life had really taken its toll."

Listen to Crabb discuss Lilly's story below (interview begins at 56:00 mark):

Crabb said that he spent the next day feeling completely drained. Coincidentally, it was the same day that he was scheduled to begin writing for "Whatever the Road," but as he arrived at the studio, he was honest with his co-writer that he was simply feeling "spent."

It was when he began to then explain what had happened with Lilly the night before that Crabb received a message.

"I began to share the story and Lilly's mother texted me ... [telling me] thank you for letting me sing with her on stage," he said.

His co-writer, clearly seeing the impact Lilly had on Crabb, said, "I think that's something that we need to write."

The singer agreed and the two got to work, with the end result of their lyrics being codified into the song, "He Knows What He's Doing."

It's an incredibly personal song — and one that Crabb said he he seen inspire others who are also going through similar life-altering situations, including one of his wife's friends who died from cancer.

Before she passed away, though, this friend would listen to "He Knows What He's Doing," finding immense encouragement in the heartfelt words.

"I don't understand why I'm going through this," Crabb said the woman told his wife. "But God knows what he's doing."

Listen to the song below:

Crabb said that he's glad that the song — and the entire album — are inspiring fans.

"In Christian music, it's all about the people ... it's God's work and God's work is about [doing] for others," he said. "We really wanted it to be for the hurting. We wanted this record to be encouraging to people that maybe are going through some obstacles in life."

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