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This is Looney Tunes': Media Mocked Glenn Beck's Caliphate Prediction


"It's ridiculous to call it a conspiracy theory."

Glenn Beck shared on The Glenn Beck Program Monday night a reel of many in the media mocking his 2011 prediction that radical Islamists would seek to create a worldwide religious caliphate.

"The caliphate is not a conspiracy," Beck said on his radio program in 2011. "It's the words of Hamas; it's the words of the Muslim Brotherhood; it's the words of [then-Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad. ... It's ridiculous to call it a conspiracy theory."

The day Beck shared his opinion, the word "caliphate" rose to the No. 3 most searched phrase on Google, and many in the media were quick to responded.

"This is — I do not use the term lightly — looney tunes," MSNBC's "Hardball" host Chris Matthews said in 2011. But Matthews was not the only one to paint Beck's words as bizarre.

Howard Kurtz, who now hosts a show on the Fox News Channel, described Beck's predictions as "increasingly weird" and "more religious themed." And New York Times columnist David Brooks discounted Beck's predictions as nothing more than "delusional ravings."

Brooks — like most — has since changed his tune, referring to the Islamic State's desired caliphate as recently as August in a column about the radical Islamists' recent atrocities.

According to Beck, this dismissal of his prediction "led millions into the dark" as to what motivated radical Islam. Later in the program, Beck said the reason he believes has been correct in his predictions is because he "listens" and takes Islamic extremists at their word.

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