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Chilling New Video from Paris Restaurant Shows Terrorist Aim Point-Blank at Woman and Pull the Trigger — and She's Alive


"Police believe her to be the luckiest person to escape with their life during Friday's psychopathic rampage."

Video obtained by Britain's Daily Mail appeared to show the Islamist gunman aiming point blank at a woman under a table and trying to fire. (Image source: Daily Mail)

The Daily Mail obtained video from surveillance cameras monitoring a Paris pizzeria Friday night showing the frightening moment a terrorist armed with a Kalashnikov fired at least 30 bullets into the restaurant.

A particularly chilling moment in the video appeared to show the Islamist gunman aim his AK-47 point blank at a woman hiding under an outdoor table. After trying to fire unsuccessfully – either because the gun jammed or ran out of ammunition - the gunman walked away, allowing the woman to escape.

“Police believe her to be the luckiest person to escape with their life during Friday's psychopathic rampage,” the Daily Mail observed.

Other angles of the video showed waiters and diners duck behind the bar and under tables while others scampered downstairs and upstairs as the volley of bullets flew inside.

Another woman could be seen crouching behind the wall of the restaurant while the gunman stood on the other side.

The Daily Mail reported that despite the large number of bullets shot at the site – all in less than a minute - none of the diners or staff inside the restaurant were killed, though two were lightly wounded by bullets.

Five people, including a pizza deliveryman, were killed in the vicinity of the restaurant which was part of a larger coordinated assault by the Islamic State group on the French capital killing 129 people.

The gunman is believed to be Belgium-born Salah Abdeslam who is still at large, the British paper reported, and noted that he could be seen in the video climbing into a black Seat getaway car.

Note that the video was stamped an hour later than the actual 9:34 p.m. when the attack occurred, since presumably its clock had not been updated yet with recent autumn time change.

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