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Look at How Journalists Reacted When CNN Reporter Conceded It Was ' Editorialize' House Refugee Bill

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Journalists from across the industry criticized CNN Thursday night for suspending a reporter who admitted it was "wrong" of her to "editorialize" a House-passed bill that strengthened the screening process for refugees fleeing Syria.

CNN global affairs correspondent Elise Labott was suspended for two weeks after publishing a tweet which said the Statue of Liberty had bowed its head “in anguish” after the House passed the legislation 289-137.

Most news organizations require reporters refrain from commenting on policy issues in a partisan way and Labott later conceded that her tweet was "inappropriate and disrespectful."

Following her apology, however, journalists from around the web slammed CNN for the move and expressed support for Labott's tweet — despite the reporter's acknowledgment that it failed to abide by one of journalism's most basic rules.

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