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Kentucky Gov.-Elect Matt Bevin Calls Political Cartoon Depicting Him and His Children an 'Overtly Racist Attack' — and the Cartoonist Responds


"The children were mere props in it, much the same way they were props in his campaign commercials."

Matt Bevin's children (Image source: WKYT-TV)

Kentucky Gov.-elect Matt Bevin has denounced an editorial cartoon depicting him along with his four adopted children from Ethiopia as an "overtly racist attack."

The cartoon — drawn by the Lexington Herald-Leader's Joel Pett, a Pulitzer Prize winner — depicts Bevin hiding underneath his desk adored with photo frames of his adopted children. What appears to be an aide stands by the desk holding a photo and tells Bevin, "Sir, they're not terrorists...They're your own adopted kids!"

Matt Bevin's children (Image source: WKYT-TV)

Pett indicated that his cartoon was meant to chide Bevin — a Republican and Tea Party favorite — for opposing Syrian refugee resettlement in Kentucky.

But Bevin didn't hold back his outrage over what the cartoon said to him:

"Shame on the Lexington @HeraldLeader for publishing a deplorable, overtly racist attack on my children," Bevin tweeted, adding that the "tone of racial intolerance being struck by the @HeraldLeader has no place in Kentucky and won't be tolerated by our administration."

A chorus of denunciations followed the publication of the cartoon, with at least one asking if a Democrat would have been similarly depicted.

Andrew H. Scott, mayor of Coal Run, Kentucky, also took issue with it:

As did the Republican Governors Association:

While Pett wrote on the Herald-Leader's website that the governor-elect's adoption of his children "is the thing I admire the most about Bevin," he told WKYT-TV that in his cartoon "the children were mere props in it, much the same way they were props in his campaign commercials."


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