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Watch the Latest Viral Internet Challenge Involving Condoms That 'Almost Suffocated' One Young Woman


There have been no reports of injuries stemming from the challenge thus far.

Image via Twitter video screen grab @torifree11

The "Condom Challenge" — it's the latest installment of teenagers filming themselves doing something stupid and posting it on the Internet.

In order to complete the challenge, one person crouches in a bathtub with another person, holding a condom filled with water, above the other's head. If completed correctly, when the standing person drops the condom, it will wrap around the person's head as a watery, latex sphere before breaking. If completed incorrectly, the condom will simply bounce away, according the New York Daily News.

So far, there have been no reports of injuries related to this viral challenge, the Daily News reported, but the challenge does raise concerns of possible drowning or choking. On social media, one young woman reported that she "almost suffocated" while completing the challenge.

In another video posted to social media, a young child is heard saying, "I can't take it off" before the camera cuts away.

See some examples of the challenge below.  

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