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Liz Mair Spars With Ann Coulter in Tense MSNBC Exchange Over Trump: 'You Are In No Way Conservative


"That's the proof right there..."

Republican digital media consultant Liz Mair clashed with Ann Coulter Monday over her support for Donald Trump, in a tense exchange that concluded with her alleging the outspoken pundit is "in no way conservative."

Appearing on MSNBC's "Hardball," Coulter — a very vocal Trump supporter — said Cruz was ineligible to be president because of his Canadian birthplace.

"Natural born ... means you have to be born within the country," she said.

Mair countered by contending Coulter's interpretation of the Constitution was incorrect and noting that in 2013 she had famously concluded Cruz was a natural born citizen eligible for the presidency.

"In 2013 you were out there saying Cruz was a natural born citizen and eligible to run for office," Mair said, directing people to her Twitter feed to see what Coulter had said.

Coulter replied, "Changed my mind."

"You were right the first time," Mair fired back.

Later in the segment, Coulter said that her "ideal" GOP ticket would be Trump-Mitt Romney.

"That's the proof right there that you are in no way conservative and in no way interested in conservative policy," Mair said.

Coulter's attack on Cruz's eligibility to run for office comes as Trump make it a campaign issue. The real estate mogul has recently started to cast doubt at campaign rallies on whether the Texas senator is a natural born citizen and contends it's a cloud "hanging over" Cruz's campaign.

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