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Leading Exorcist Reveals What He Believes Hollywood Gets Totally Wrong About Demonic Possession


"[They] ecame evil because they refused God and his kingdom with their free and final choice."

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A leading exorcist said that there are some serious problems with the way in which Hollywood presents demons through film, saying that the most profound issue is the improper framing of the battle between good and evil, Catholic News Service reported.

Rather than two forces of equal value battling one another, Father Francesco Bamonte, president of the International Association of Exorcists, wrote in an article for Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano that Satan was created by God and is of lesser power.

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"Satan is not the god of evil against the God of the good, rather he is a being who God created as good and who, with some angels — also created good by God — became evil because they refused God and his kingdom with their free and final choice," he wrote.

Bamonte continued, "Satan and the spirits at his service, therefore, are not omnipotent beings, they cannot perform miracles, they are not omnipresent, they cannot know our thoughts or know the future."

He also said that those who trust God and flock to his arms are "stronger than the devil and all of his minions," though he said this truth is often not presented in Hollywood films that focus on the themes of demons and possession.

Bamonte argued that movies hold the potential to show that God can always defeat evil, but said that human and satanic powers are, many times, exaggerated in film when it comes to their ability to combat God, according to Catholic News Service.

"The way in which evil, demonic possession, the prayer of exorcism and liberation are presented is disappointing and unacceptable," he wrote.

Read more about what Bamonte had to say about Hollywood and demons here.

(H/T: Christian Post)


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