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At Least He's Honest': Glenn Beck Reveals the One Democratic Candidate He Would Invite to the White House


"He'll at least come out and say, 'Yep. I'm a complete socialist.'"

Looking at the field of Democratic presidential candidates, Glenn Beck revealed Thursday morning that progressive insurgent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-titled Democratic socialist, is the candidate he would invite to the White House if he was president.

"Bernie Sanders is one of the guys in Congress that I think I would actually — if I were president — invite to the White House once in a while," Beck said on The Glenn Beck Radio Program.

Though Beck was quick to say he is an "anti-socialist," he insisted he would work to find common ground with Sanders, who now holds a commanding 27-point lead over Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

"He's at least honest — everyone else is lying. He'll at least come out and say, 'Yep. I'm a complete socialist.' All right. So where can we meet on anything? Because I'm an antisocialist. I'm a capitalist, and I'm a constitutionalist," Beck said.

According to Beck, Sanders is resonating with voters because of his honesty because the American people are "tired of these politicians" for changing their positions. The radio host went on to take a shot at one-time Republican front-runner Jeb Bush, claiming the former Florida governor has changed over the course of his campaign.

"Several are changing their positions. Remember, it was Jeb Bush who was saying, 'You have to run to the center in this election, and just don't worry about the primary. You got to run right to the center and to the liberal side.'  And now he's — now, 'I'm the most conservative here on the stage,'" Beck said.

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